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Sunday Surf

Fuerteventura Feb ’11

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! Yesterday the Berlin weather was kind of icky, so we stayed mostly in, relaxed on the couch, read a lot of newspaper and books and had a Western movie night with “3.10 to Yuma” (which was kinda cheesy but still good entertainment and beautifully shot).

Today there’s some boring chores to do, but I hope we have enough time to take a stroll in the perfect September sunshine. And I’m really excited to see some good old Arizona friends tonight!

Good Morning Yoga Routine – I just did it! It only takes a couple minutes and you feel ready for anything afterwards.

If you’re in Berlin you really should go see the Pergamon Panorama of Yadegar Asisi at the Pergamon Museum. It’s absolutely breathtaking! (extended until Oct. 14th) Perfect for a day like today – strolling in Berlins touristy area, looking at the Panorama and having one of the world’s best icecreams at Bandy Brooks afterwards.

I want this beautiful scarf soooo badly!


One of my favourite pastimes – yes, you procrastinate, but you learn! Math and stuff!

An old, but great article about the US-Americans equating sex and violence from one of my favourite bloggers.

Sing it, Betty!

So true in my case…

And last but not least: Tonight I’m seeing Calexico for the umpteenth time – what a great ending for a relaxed weekend!